Our wine estate and enterprise was founded in 2020 when we decided, as a family, to start this adventurous journey, cultivating our grapes and producing wines without compromises on quality and in full respect of the natural equilibria. The property is almost 10 ha (24 ac) in surface of which half is planted with Grasparossa (20 yr old vines on average) and a small parcel with Trebbiano vines.

We mainly produce light sparkling ruby-red and rosé wine. Our production philosophy is entirely based on “metodo ancestrale” and “metodo tradizionale”, with the fermentation process finalized in the bottle. Our goal is to provide a qualitative and balanced natural product, expressing the grape variety and territory to its maximum capacity and avoiding any “industrial” or “corrective” additions.

Sebastian van de sype

``Passion, authenticity and perseverance is what drives us, provide quality and pleasure is our objective``

The farming philosophy, similar to the approach in the wine cellar, is based on a fine balance between natural/biological processes and human intervention, with the emphasis on manual labour where possible.

Every day we make choices that are intended to respect the natural equilibrium, but at the same time we don’t want to extremize anything.

Treatments are done completely within the bounds of the European organic standards, excluding entirely the use of systemic chemicals.


Our entrepreneurial values are shared with life-long family friend Frank Cornelissen, the renowned wine producer on the Etna in Sicily.

Frank supports the project by providing consultancy on all aspects of the business, from the production over the farming to the commercialization/merchandizing.

In effect, he safeguards these qualitative aspects with his 20+ year experience as a wine producer and most of all as a wine expert.

The spark that ignited the project most probably can be found in my childhood, growing up in a culinary oriented family with the creed “taste thoroughly and choose quality over quantity!”.

The continuous search for beauty and quality was in fact an important cornerstone of my education, whether it was in music, sports, study or any other occupation.

After a 10+ year experience in business and F1 engineering, I made a conscious choice of life to pursue the path as full-time wine producer, supported generously by my spouse Marijke and our two children.

Sebastian Van de Sype

Our Story


Property acquired

Our winery was officially founded in 2020, when we acquired the property and vineyard. It has a surface of almost 10 hectares, half of which is planted with Grasparossa variety (15-20 year old vines) and a small parcel of Trebbiano.



First production year

We mainly produce Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro, a sparkling ruby-red wine. The production philosophy is entirely based on “metodo ancestrale” and “metodo tradizionale”.



The winery

An ambitious project has been set up, including the construction of a new wine cellar on the domain in the next 5 years.